Our Story

New England Heritage

Apparel by PW draws inspiration from strong New England roots. Originally unable to find high quality apparel that matched the New England look, we began producing these articles ourselves. Born from this hobby was a business that has expanded the boundaries of classic American style. Today, the New England influence conceived in their early days is apparent in every style that PW has to offer. 

Every aspect of the Apparel by PW brand, from its careful selection of textiles and patterns to it's sophisticated spin on classic American style, is decidedly thought out and something the founders are immensely committed to.

Our Logo

The Apparel by PW logo symbolizes New England.  The unique looking pine tree was used on the original Flag of New England.  This flag was used on ships throughout New England to identify locals from the British.  This unique pine tree shows character and originality.

Our Commitment

We are fully committed to customer satisfaction.  From repairing any issues, to replacing items, we promise:

  • Fast responses
  • To be fair
  • To strive to always make the customer happy
  • Custom products as needed (ie: bigger wrist)

Ask any of our customers, P.W. goes above and beyond traditional retailers to make sure you are satisfied with your purchase.

Always American Made

Apparel by PW products are always made in the USA.  Whenever possible, we will choose to not only produce our products in America, but we will source American raw materials.  We are committed to supporting American Garment Manufacturers as well as to preserving the craft.   All products are handcrafted.

  • Sunglass Straps: Made in NYC or Boston, MA
  • Belts: Made in Massachusetts
  • Watches: Made in NYC or Boston, MA
  • Key Fobs: Made in NYC or Boston, MA
  • Custom Products: Made in Boston, MA
  • Leather: Massachusetts
  • Wallets: Made in Los Angeles, CA